December 10, 2023

What is the Difference between Waxing and Laser Hair Removal?

The most common struggle every woman goes through is the hair removal process. For centuries, women have been dealing with fuzzy fringes, long, dark or coarse hair growth and striving with the process of getting them removed every month. For many, this has been a hereditary problem or a part of ethnic heritage. For others, it can cause by a medical condition or hormonal changes because of menopause. Nonetheless, women prefer their body hair removed from various parts of their body where growth is normal but undesirable. Waxing and laser hair removal are the most preferred methods of hair removal. This article highlights the difference between the two.

Laser hair removal

This method is one of the most preferred techniques to get rid of body hair with the help of laser or pulsed light. This energy penetrates via the hair shaft and then down to the follicle where the hair root is eventually destroyed. In this method, the hair is weakened so as it falls out over time. Epilation laser duet can be implemented on any part of the body. The most qualified women are the ones that have dark hair and light to medium skin. It is not advisable to use laser hair removal on blond, red or gray hair. This method usually takes 5 to 7 sessions, many clients would need a touch up once a year on the basis of the hormonal fluctuations in the body.


This hair removal technique has been in business for centuries but nowadays waxes are soy based to let the hair be bonded, but not the skin. This soy based wax is applied to the skin, then it is covered with cloth strips. After the wax has been set, the strips are removed and the hair comes out along with it too. As the hair sticks to the strip and not the skin, it leaves a kinder and gentler waxing session with minimal damage and pain when the wax strip is removed. Waxing can remove any kind of body hair which entails the upper lip, eyebrow, chin, arms and legs. A bikini wax is a session where the hair is removed from the body area that may be showcased when you wear a skimpy bathing suit bottom. On the other hand, Brazilian wax removes body hair from the genital area only. This process must be implemented in every few weeks. Waxing is best implemented in a spa or a salon and must always be handled by a waxing professional.