September 25, 2023

Ultrasonic and Plasma Treatment for Facial Rejuvenation

Plasonic therapy employs the sonopass and plapass systems. The intake of plapass helps in releasing the invisible plasma ions, that deliver energy to your skin and assist in the sterilization of skin and enhances skin absorption.

The ultrasound that is used post sonopass, aids in the transportation of products across the cell membrane, optimizing the regeneration of skin, nurturing the firmness of the skin, enhancing its texture, and getting an even skin.

The team members at Retens medical clinic hold professionalism and aesthetic sensibility in giving the best treatments for 等離子美容[English Meaning = plasma beauty] They have the best treatments with up to date devices and technology. Make your skin glow with the best team at the best price for amazing visible change in your skin type.

Every inch of your skin will be shaped well by the team and you are sure to look younger than 10 years of your actual age.

What is skin plasma and what are the benefits they provide?

The fourth stage that comes after solid, liquid, and gas is plasma. As it gets stimulated the human cell is profited from it. The delivery of topical cream and mesotherapy treatment is taken deeper into the skin by the plasma ions. In addition to this, they even sterilize the skin and adds to the regeneration of skin cell.

As immediate sterilizing action is taken place the properties of plasma aid in skin regeneration and boost the formation of collagen. This is one of the top treatments for multiple skin issues, plasma is also helpful in enhancing the general condition of the skin and hair. When plasma is done on the face the advantages are as follows:

  • It helps in regeneration of skin and the production of collagen and elastin.
  • It provides rigidity to the skin for preventing loose or dropping skin rigidity.
  • The acne scars appear less.
  • You can cure and improve hyperpigmentation.

How does the procedure of Ultrasound work and what are their benefits?

When the ultra sound waves is passed on the tissue or cells, it will experience biophysical consequences that will depend on the intensity and frequency of the ultra sound beam. Sonoporation is a process in which the ultrasonic radiations mechanical effect on cellular membrane causes the holes size in the cell membrane to grow.

The benefits of ultrasound therapy on skin:

  • The ultrasound therapy work by increase in the flow of blood, that stimulates the skin’s outer layer and regenerates the skin deeper.
  • Ultrasound oxygenation promotes drainage of lyphatic and the extra fluid dispersal.
  • This process can even get the dark circle faded successfully.
  • Getting the ultrasonic therapy done regularly can reduce the size of expanded pores, regulate the production of sebum, and smoothen the skin.

Therefor if you are looking forward on having a 無痕填充 [English Meaning = seamless filling] for your skin then you can get this therapy and get yourself the younger look as you have gone back 10 years back in time. So, what are you waiting for? Get you appointments booked now.