December 10, 2023

Boxing as a sport has enjoyed a big revival, especially here in the UK, which may be due to World Champion Tyson Fury, who captured the hearts of the British people after overcoming mental health issues to get back into boxing and become undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. British boxers are challenging for titles in all weights and if your son or daughter shows an interest in boxing, this article offers assistance.

Sourcing a local boxing gym

This is a must if your child is to learn boxing in a structured way; choosing one of the boxing clubs in Reading would be perfect, then your child can start at the very beginning and learn the noble art of self-defence. Of course, the desire to learn must be there; no youngster should be coerced into boxing training, as they simply won’t last the course.


If your son or daughter does decide to enrol in a boxing club, you should fully support their efforts by taking them to the club when they train and of course, investing in all the equipment that they will need. A pair of pad gloves, mouth guard, shorts and a skipping rope, will do to start, as everything else is supplied by the boxing gym. Oh, and you will need a lot of drive and motivation if you are going to progress up the ladder and into competition.

Understanding fair play

Every pugilist should fully understand the Marquess of Queensbury rules that govern the sport of boxing and be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. At what age should a youngster start boxing training? Some would say the earlier the better, while others think that aged 12 is the right age to start to box.

Putting in the work

Like most things in life, you can only get out of boxing what you put in; when you see a fighter’s had raised in a world title contest, you don’t see the years of gruelling training and sparring. If your heart is not set on success, you will fall short at some point, which is natural selection at work.


If you were to ask parents why they encourage their kids to take up a contact sport like boxing, most will tell you they want their offspring to be able to defend themselves. Old pros will tell you boxing is all about not getting hit; Floyd Mayweather Junior is the best there is at not getting hit. You have to learn to bob and weave, rotate the hips and get some good upper body movement; master this and your opponent is punching fresh air!